Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friday Epee

I fenced last night at the "Y." There was no foot work and no drills. We just fenced. I liked it. I needed it. I have not fenced a lot due to my foot in the last couple of months. Now, because it seems to miraculously be getting better on its own, I am eager to get in some strip time.

The way I fenced was not all that good. I was very relaxed. I made some good touches and some sheer luck touches. Rather than just fence, I worked on some of the techniques I have been learning. Some were more successful than others. Sometimes I would try a certain attack or defense and though I had an action in mind, my hand would move on its own accord. Everyone that fences epee knows what I am talking about. It is one of the most interesting aspects of the game, in my opinion. What is it, that makes you (without conscious thought) in a split second change from a planed course of action to taking advantage of a 'target of opportunity?" I have always loved when that happens and is successful. However, last night it became sort of annoying. I had certain actions I wanted to work on, but often "Mr. Instinct" had other ideas.

Another aspect of last night was that I was more selfish. I wanted to work on some things on strip and experiment. I am supposed to me an assistant-coachy-helper-person, but last night I worked on stuff for me.  I let some folks have some touches when we fenced, but that was not really doing them any good. I just fenced for me. I will try not to do that often, but last night I needed it.



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