Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Devil is in the Details

Another good class with Coach Miller. It seems redundant, but it is true. I once met a waitress at Elizabeth's Pizza that had studied with him. She said he was the best teaching experience of her life. If just one person says something like that, you know you have touched the future. In this case. there is no telling how many people have thought something similar.

We worked on a few drills that were not very complicated and were very demanding at the same time. Slight changes were made in distance and arm positions. Each explained so that you understood why you or your teammate had just been lightly whacked on the mask. It sounds a bit abusive, but it is not that way at all. In fact, it helps punctuate some small detail you need to work on. Working to correct these small things is what we are there for.

We began working on some German drills. ( Beck. See the book" By the Sword" and a recent book that Beck and another German co-authored.. I am a bit sleepy and names are escaping me.) Coach Miller gave a brief history of the man and his approach to training. I was aware of the man and the his training methods through books I own.

I did not fence. I just did the lesson and headed home. My foot has been making a little bit of improvement in healing. I did not want to kill it, as I am fencing in a tournament or two this weekend. After that, I will take a break from fencing and heal, or I will head to the doctor.

I head to Atlanta for a seminar tomorrow for work. I will travel back on Friday. My foot will be resting.

I need to talk up the " Ron Miller Open" at the picnic this weekend.

Deborah ( Charlie's Mom) recommended a book she was reading.    " S________ in the Wind." She said Henri had read it, so I will ask Henri. I should have written it down. Deborah said it was beautifully written and set in Spain. I have not been reading as much in the last year or so. I only seem to have time when I travel or take vacation. By read, I mean fiction. I seem to read a goodly amount of non-fiction. ( Read non-fiction as works on fencing.)

Last night I brought wooden dice I had made for Kathy. I brought a Y10 epee I had repaired for Cam to take to CALL and I brought Henri a Musketeer movie. Henri must decode a cryptic Woody comment.

When Coach Miller arrived we had all four flaked out on a gym mat in the middle of the bouting area. We were working on our " epee stretches". That means we were laying on our back doing nothing. Coach Miller  walked in and found us laying there. We were supposed to be warming up with " Six Wall". It made me feel both like it was funny and that I had my hand caught in the cookie jar.


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