Saturday, April 28, 2007


Last night was a weird night of fencing. Cam told the class about the merger. Everyone seemed pleased and excited about it.

We did some drills. I started my practice session with Henri, as she gave me grief about snubbing her at Coach Miller's class. ( Meaning I did not drill with her on Wednesday. Dames! Go figure.) As we worked on our drills I noticed that Sean and Ron W. (father and son) were not getting anywhere, so I suggested that Henri and I stop and switch out with Ron and Sean. Which we did. I experienced a bit of culture shock. Doing the drills with the group on Wednesday night and then doing it with other grown up people. ( Or at least people of the non-little-kid persuasion.)

As I work with Coach Miller to become technically better (That is my number one goal with him. I hope tactics come a bit later.) I often have wondered if any of this is having any positive effect on strip. I should have been asking myself if it was making me better technically, which was the goal. I did not see my improvement until last night. I could have corrected things in my partner for a long long time. ( This does not mean that my partner was a bad fencer or that I am sooooooo darn good....It just means I am learning and I am sure of it now.)

As for the effect this is having on strip, I think this is positive as well. However last night I lost in pools to Henri and Mark. This is the first real time I have lost to Henri and the second time I have lost to Mark. I had a rematch after my first loss in pools to Mark and redeemed my ego twice, when I was concentrating fully. Now I know that now and again this kind of thing happens. Henri is a good fencer and Mark has some real talent. I am proud of both of them, but I have to analyze myself. I must figure out if this is because I did not concentrate and take them seriously (until it was to late) or if it was my foot or if it was because I was working on my feint. I am not going to make to much of this unless it starts to happen regularly (Note: This is because when you are a Vet 50 fencer, you have to do a reality check every now and then to see if you are going through an "old spurt." That is like a "growing spurt " for kids....only different.)

(Editors Note: Yes, Tink...I know...I am a Lost Boy.)

I like our new member Mary. ( Former Penn State fencer.) She is a good fencer and just needs to get back in the grove for a while. I could tell in her eyes, that she was asking herself some of the same questions that I was asking myself. That makes her a sister-in-arms. Okay...a much younger sister....but a sister nonetheless.

I asked Cam if she needed any help with the CALL class today, as Woody is out of town. She said that Nicole would be there to earn some public service points. ( Girl Scouts.. I think. ) This was a relief as I have much to do today. However, I am sensing something sometimes when I ask Cam and Woody if they need help. It might be my imagination, but I get the impression that my help is not desired. That is fine, I just hope that I have not given them a reason/reasons to feel this way. Maybe I am coming across as arrogant or something. Maybe I am stepping on toes. If so, I am more than happy to drop my 'helper" status and just be a student. I need to figure this out. It could just be that all the things I have been through in the last couple of months are effecting me in some manner. Or it could be that things Woody and Cam have been going through have effected them. Or maybe it is the stress that is part of the changes that are coming? Or maybe is all in my head.

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fencerkath said...

Just a thought - Mark and Henri may have beaten you because they were fencing extra well and not because you were fencing badly.  It goes like that sometimes.

And is it possible that people aren't calling on your help because they know you're busy and have been having a tough time lately?

There's almost always several possible interpretations.

Glad to hear the merger seems to please people - and I hope things are getting better for you and that the new job is going well.