Saturday, April 21, 2007

NC State

Today Henri, Steve, Kathy and I fenced at the NC State "D and Under" tournament. The host were nice people and there were some folks I had never seen fencing before.

I had hopes that it would be a bunch of "newbs" ripe for slaughter, but that was not the case in general.

The last two tournaments I fenced in (no matter what the results were) I felt like I had fenced better, or perhaps started on another (higher...but not very high) level of fencing.
I was almost positive that was the case. However, today I did not fence well. I did not do so well in pools and I went out on my second DE. I am really to tired at the time of this writing to analyze or process the event. I will look at it when the results are on Ask Fred.

I drove back to Greensboro after the tournament so, Woody, Cam Henri and I could meet with Jen Cox and talk in greater detail about Mid-South and the Down Town Fencing Club merging into one club with two locations. I liked what I heard.

I will think about all this stuff tomorrow. It has been a FULL day of fencing activity. I need some sleep!

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