Monday, April 2, 2007


I had goals. I don't think I had a time line, but I thought (hoped) that more of them would happen this season.

I wanted to be better technically in epee. I have been working on this by studying with Coach Miller. I have no real idea how I am doing in that regard and this is an on going process that will never end. I have no way to measure success in this regard. I think the fact that I am pursuing it is the success.

I wanted to develop some ref skills. Nothing big, maybe a level 9 in epee. I passed the General written part of the test, but will have to retake the written Epee part. I will try to do this by this summer, but much will depend on Matt's busy schedule. I went to two ref seminars this season. I learned quite a bit...not enough...but a good start, I am pursuing this goal, but it seems slow in coming. It is still possible I could complete this before Nationals, which I see as the end of the season.

I wanted to improve my armory skills. I have a tiny bit, but mostly because they were almost nonexistent prior to this season. Kathy is around and when she gets her life settled again, then perhaps she will have time for an Armory Clinic. This is a goal, but not a pressing one for me. It is however, part of the total package that I want to be.

I wanted to get a "D" rating in epee. Yes, I know I am not supposed to think this way, but besides a personal goal it is something I told myself I would complete this before pursuing another goal. I know that there are guys my age that kick the crud out of every epee fencer in this state. These guys are the exception, not the rule. It is tougher for a 55 year old guy to compete in open competitions. That is the fact..Jack! I am not whining about it, it is just true. There are people like John Rae in this Division, but there are not even a hand full like him. There is a reason for this. Nonetheless, I think I can do it. It just will not happen this season. There is no way it can happen at Divisionals. There are to many fencers that are better than me. If I finish in the top two-thirds I will have done okay.

I mentioned the "D" rating being a prerequisite for another goal. I told myself that I would get a "D" rating before I contemplatedgetting certified as an epee coach. I truly do not even know why I want to do this. I will not have enough vacation time to go to Coaches College this summer. Next summer is the Olympics and they do not have coaches college on those years. This weekend, on a whim I joined the USFCA. I started thinking about a Moniteur level in epee. I blew the chance to attend some workshops this year, but perhaps they will happen again. The questions I need to ask myself are:

1. Should I pursue this?
2. Why in the heck do I want to pursue this?
3. Should I stick with my prerequisite for doing this or should I work on this with the certainty that I will achieve my rating goal next season?

I think part of the reason I want to do this is that you tend to want to immolate that which you admire. I do not have a coach that I do not admire.

I am not in a hurry for this last goal to happen. I will never be a great fencer or ref or coach. I may however become a good little intermediate fencer and ref and coach. I am not even sure that I would want to use the ref or coach parts of my goal. It may be that these are goals for me to become a "good little intermediate fencer." I think that all this time and with all these goals, that is all I want to be. I want to be what I envision a fencer should be.

Maybe I will review this entry in my journal around this time next year.


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shazna02 said...

I like the idea of having goals and reviewing them annually - I don't do but I really like the IDEA.  Seriously, you seem goal wise to be very rounded - depressingly rounded - not enough to get better in epee, you have to improve in armoury and reffing too?  I think I understand the desire to get a D, so that you have your "chops" for when you ref and coach - you can't say, "I was on the olympic team" but a D sure sounds better than an E, doesn't it (from a fellow D envy person).  On the other hand, many times the best coaches are not the best athletes, in the same way people at university who are really good at math can be really bad at teaching it (or really good at teaching it to people JUST LIKE THEM, but bad to everyone else).   Too bad about coaches college, I would have liked to have gone to the one here in Canada this summer but I think I will have to pass as well.  Anyway, just thinking about goals surely has to help clarify them as life changes over the course of a year?