Sunday, April 1, 2007


How can a person learn so much and yet know so little? That is a question I have been pondering.

Yesterday I went to a UNCG CALL class. It was a beginner class in epee and Cam and Woody were the coaches. They did not ask for any help, so I just went by to kill some time and watch. Henri was there so I had someone to talk to. It was nice to not have to do anything and just socialize and talk. Of course, Henri got me in trouble for her neglect in safety with the plastic beeper swords at the end, but other than that...we had fun. I have to say that it was an excellent beginner class and well done. I was proud of the instructors. I watched the adult class and thought about how much I had learned sense that time. Then I thought about how to an"A"or "B" fencer, I am most likely like those brand new people. It kind of boggles the brain. I guess it is true...this is a life time sport.

Friday night I did not fence and tried to stay off my foot. I directed. I practiced my hand signals a little bit at any rate. I watched people fence. Sometimes I wanted to tell them what they should do. I mostly resisted that, as there is little chance they would truly get what I mean as I utter a few words and instructions beside the strip. You learn things you simply cannot share......or at least share quickly. If you want to help someone, both people have to want it and both have to be patient. ( At least at this level. Perhaps it is different at higher levels.)

On the NC Division web page there is a point rating system. It means nothing, but is interesting to look at. While I browsed it the other day, I noticed that the young kids that fenced epee were mostly from the Downtown Fencing Club. It was very noticeable. Now the DFC is not a high level club. We know it. But if you wanted to fence epee (until recently) in Greensboro, we were the only game in town and they did the very best they could with what they had.Who can ask for more than that? A lot of our kids do not want to compete seriously and fencing once a week is all they want to do. ( That is hard for me to grasp, but to each his own.) What I am getting at in my rambling fashion is that I am proud of the Downtown Fencing Club and the effort they have made in bringing these kids along. Good job guys!

I came in 12th in the RFC Open (out of 29 fencers/an A2 tournament). I got my E again...but with a 2007. I was 2 places away from my elusive "D " rating.and I was taken out by the guy that won.He got his "A'.  Oh well...maybe next season.

This entry is mostly a pat on the back for some people. I do not see anything wrong with that.

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fencerkath said...

Well done in the tournament - and for renewing your E.  I can understand why the kids might want to fence only once a week - I expect they haven't yet decided to focus on one thing and still dream of doing everything they love.  If only ...