Thursday, April 19, 2007

Charlie's Mom and I Choked Wednesday

First....Thank you Deborah...for the kind words.

We had a good class with Coach Miller Wednesday. We reviewed Divisionals, talked about the pre tournament ritual and had a class on fleche defense. I enjoyed it and learned a lot, but I really stunk at the main part of the drill.

Your opponent prepares to fleche and takes your blade with circle six in opposition, then fleches for the center of the body. You relax your arm and pull back as he/she comes forward so that you move your blade into third position and your strong glides back to his/her weak. You are now in control and poke the poor buger.

Not so fast Jim! I just cannot make my arm relax and pull back when I am being fleched. I have a similar move but more strong armed. It is more my style, but so wrong.

Oh well, I will practice on some kids Friday and see if I can pull myself out of it. This is not going to be an easy one for me. But this is what I want so much to learn. Time to get cracking.

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