Monday, March 5, 2007

Regional Youth Tournament

This weekend the Downtown Fencing Club sponsored a Regional Youth Tournament. There was great deal of work that went into this from the DFC people, the Leadership Committee as well as parents and students. There were refs from Mid-South Fencing, Raleigh Fencers and Cape Fear, without whose efforts there would have been no tournament.

Friday night set up went great and it went quickly. It went so quickly that there was time left over to work with the kids. I worked as hard as any helping to set up, but afterward is were I did something wrong. Cam was working hard to help the kids prepare for fencing epee in the tournament (some had only been fencing two months) and all I did was sit there and socialize. I zoned out. I was purely decorative. It was as if all I had to do to help was show up. I was letting someone do a hard job and neither helping them or explaining to them why I could not help. Cam became miffed and rightly so. It was enough to spur me to action, but I should have not needed spurring. I am sorry Cam. I will never make that mistake again.

The tournament went fine. In fact I would say it was smooth and well run. No problems with parents or coaches. Everyone was well behaved.

Cam and Mike were dynamos of work ethic this weekend.  Kathy and Trev worked constantly as well.

I helped the Y10 epee kids this weekend. Lack of working Y10 weapons and the Y10 kids themselves about sent me over the edge a couple of times. ( was more than a couple of times.) When I did not think I could take anymore, Cam stepped in to save me. She is my hero.

I watched kids fence and I tried to remember when they develop good motor skills as they age. I use to know such things when my kids were little. It seems to me that many small kids that fence are well above were they should be in having control of their bodies (Okay there are some kids out there with some sort of medical problems that do not have this ability...mostly our kids for some reason...but even they seem to improve because of fencing. ) I think it would make an interesting study, if someone had the knowledge to do it properly.

I made a new friend this weekend. His name is Lewis. Ido not know how old Lewis is, but he is around 2 feet tall and can't talk. We/he had a magnetic extension tool, which sort of looked like an epee that was adjustable, but without a bell guard. I would place a tip screw on the floor or on other targets and he could use the tip to get that thing. POINT CONTROL! We both had the best time playing together. Once again I do not know when little kids are able to do such things with that sort of motor control, but it sees almost "freaky."

When it came to retrurning the gym to rights, Mike was again a power house. Even some of the kids from other clubs and parents helped tear up tape.

This is how we spent our weekend. I hope the kids enjoyed themselves. If they did, it was worth it.


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epee77 said...

Jim you are my Hero as well.  You were a huge help this weekend.  Thanks soooo much.