Saturday, March 17, 2007

Random Thoughts

I fenced last a fool. My foot was not hurting much and I thought I could pull it off. It is now the next morning and can hardly walk.   I am all but persuaded it is time to go to the doctor. I am not going to like this!

I helped with blade work drills last night. I am not sure that my help was wanted or needed. I saw things that people were doing wrong and tried to fix them. I think I will wait to be asked to help. You just never know if someone will think you are one of those know-it-all people or if they like for you to help. I will wait for a cue next time and make sure I am not crossing a line.

The parallel bars are moved out of the gym and mats are easier to move now. More room for us. It is a good thing.

There may be changes coming for the club, but it is to early to talk about or speculate on. I see them for the best in all respects.

I asked Woody how long it took me to relax when fencing, as a guide to figuring out when some new students might relax a bit more. He told me that I had not relaxed yet. I thought about this on the way home. I believe he is mistaken.

I like Mike. ( Jordan's Dad.) He is an intelligent and sensitive person. The world could use more of them.

I fixed Max's weapon for him last night. I was happy that worked. Now if I can figure Cam's out, that would be even better.

I am concerned that I may not heal up in time to fence in the Raleigh tournament. I hate that! It is 6:00 in the evening and my foot does not hurt as badly. I can walk without limping. It is always worse in the morning, so I will see how it is then.

There is a Ref seminar in Raleigh next weekend. I could do that, but It would cost around $60.00 (plus gas and stuff) . I am unsure if I could do that without major guilt. I should watch my money closer these days. I am still thinking about it.

I talked with Ryan and Evan's father. He is a good guy as well. He is an expert in diabetic diets and perhaps more. Maybe I can find a way to use his knowledge to help Anne. We talked about that for a good bit last night.

I free fenced a bit last night, hence my screwed up foot. There was one guy that was relaxed enough (meaning not to much tension in his arm) for me to actually work on my traps and circle six in opposition. I can do it and I am happy that I just did not fence him and actually worked on something I needed to work on.




fencerkath said...

I always like advice when I'm fencing, especially if I get a chance to put the advice into practice.  Occasionally, if I get too many pieces of advice after bouts or practice I can feel a bit down, however.  A couple of things to work on is probably about right.  If there are three or more I tend to think I can't fix everything.  

I hope you're foot is better soon - and it does sound as though a doctor might help.  I don't know if that costs in the U.S. or whether insurance covers it as we have a different system (free consultations but quite high set prices for prescriptions - I think £6.65 per item and don't know how that translates).

epee77 said...

You help is always appreciated!  It made things go more smoothly.