Monday, March 26, 2007

Raleigh and Ref

I went to Raleigh to a Ref clinic this weekend. I learned a lot. ( Not enough evidently...but a lot.) I only decided I could do it two days before it started and that was not enough time to study. In truth, I do not think if I had studied for a week, I would have done much better.
I passed the General part of the test and only missed one answer. I missed passing the epee part of the written test by one answer. I took the foil and sabre parts per Matt's suggestion, but I pretty much sucked there. The lecture and study part before the test lasted eight hours and was well done. Like I said, I learned a lot. However, after eight hours of that and what seemed like an eternity taking the test, I was "Refed out"! That was enough for me. Matt may be able to give me the test. I will talk to him about it. My goal is to be a rated ref in epee for an "E" tournament. I know it is not a big goal. Perhaps my goals will change later. As for now...little by little...step by step.

I had my first ever political situation in a tournament on Sunday. Some of the people who took the written part of the test were directing foil." I was there to support my friend Henri and to help Henri stand up for her self. Nora was the ref and it was one of her club members fencing Henri. He was covering target. Henri even hit him in his off weapon hand once. It went 4-4.  Okay...I am not going to go into it all that much. Surfice it to say, one of the things I learned was that if you are in attack distance and someone covers target, it stops the action. I have no desire to fight with people from other clubs or to hold grudges. I did my best to handle it in a courteous and diplomatic manner. We have enough whining babies in this sport that can't let go of grudges; take blame for their actions and make an ass out of themselves. I hope I stood up for my friend, but did it in decent way. For my part, what happened is over. These two fencers faced each other in DEs. There was a lot of friction on strip, to say the least.

I fenced epee. It was an A2 event. (I think) There were around 29 or 30 people fencing. I finished 15th out of pools with a plus three indicator. I know it does not sound all that good, but I felt like I had some good bouts. I won 2 and lost 3 as I remember. I need to look at Ask Fred when the results come out. I got to fence John Rea who I use as a measuring stick sometimes. ( He has been fencing a LOT longer than me.) We tied and it went to priority. He won, but I did not feel bad about it. I fenced another kid and we went 4-4. On the last touch, he said he went by me, before the touch to the ref, but the ref gave him the point. I don't know, I couldn't see, but it was a close bout. I went 5-3 with the "B' in the pools. I went out in my second DE fencing Toomy (B rating). Score (I think) was 15-9 Toomy. 15-9 is a beat pretty bad in my book, but if you factor in 55 year old E rated fencer fencing younger B rated fencer.....I did not have to hang my head on the drive home.
I had fun fencing and my foot did not hurt bad while I was fencing. The drive home was painful, but did okay while fencing. It was a good day.

Oh....My man Tommy got his "C" rating this weekend at the "Sword and the Stone Tournament." I am proud of you Tommy!!!!

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