Saturday, March 10, 2007


I can't say much about my week in fencing. I did not do that much. Wednesday I went to Mid-South. I can't free fence as my foot is messed up and I need to give it a break for a week or so. I am hoping that will take care of the problem. Please..oh .. please let it get better this way! The last time this happened I had a shot in my heel and I would rank it in the top three most painful moments in my life. And buddy...I have had some painful moments!

I had written fencing homework for Coach Miller. He took it back with him to grade. NOT looking forward to that. On the bright side, I was the only one that turned any in. I figure I am ahead on the curve. There were a few remarks made about brown noising. Mostly the brown noising remarks were made by a little woman that tried to copy my homework.

The group lesson went pretty good, though I told the coach I could not lunge. ( It hurts the foot.)  My PL was a sort of a disaster. I have not done that kind of attack/blade work with just an advance (no lunge) and I was messing up big time!  Hey..It is harder than it sounds!

Friday I went to DFC to help with epee. Cam was out of town and it is generally a big class. We only had around 14 fencers so it was not that bad. Things went pretty well and I did not even dress out. I left an hour early, so I could meet a group of young friends and see if we could get into see "300." Sadly, I did not call them to get me a ticket (It was sold out) and they got in to see it and I went home....which was really okay with me.

Maybe next week I can fence. perhaps I will even go to Chapel Hill.

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