Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mid-South Class

I fenced epee last night at Mid-South. I actually only fenced one bout with Cam. I have a physical for my new job on Friday and I didn't want to limp in.

I did a tiny bit of foot work with the sabre kids and learned a new advance to practice, if I can just remember to do so.

Note: slow/small/lean forward/drop tip/check it out/excellerate maybe

We had a good lesson with Coach Miller. The lessons was his first on tactics. It was (to some degree) a tactical wheel sort of thing, but with invitations; feints and a feint deceive sort of mashed into the progression.

Note: Invitation/drop point and advance

There is an invitation I am going to work on. Not only do I think I can make it work, but it will aid me in my quest to make a parry every now and then rather than just counter. This is hard to explain. but something I am working on. It is also something I can work on Friday night or at a CALL class. It is best to try new things there before doing so under fire.

I have noted that Mid-South has three summer camps in Durham and one in Greensboro. I wonder if they are moving again or if this just reflects the base of their membership.

I often wonder as well, what Coach Miller thinks about his little epee group in Greensboro?
It is not the kind of question you can ask really, as the reply almost would have to be sugar coated a bit. I just want an honest evaluation. I think it is such a good little group. Everyone is courteous; tries hard and listens. What more could a coach ask for?

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