Thursday, March 15, 2007

March 14, 2007

I fenced last night. In truth, I did not fence but took a group lesson. It was a good one. I did not free fence as I am giving my heel a bit more time to heal. It is only a bit stiff from the lunging. Matt recommended I try and find a heel cup and I hope to do that today. ( Or at least try to look for one.)

I learned a new move last night. I have seen something like it done many times...or elements of it...but I never do it.  In truth I don't think I can make it work often.

Sorry...I need to leave myself a cryptic reminder or two:

Strong beat...semi circular beat could work...or normal...just stronger.
Over the bell jar and the rose.
Move past the point.
Lay blade in the hand behind your mask.

I need to work on traps. I almost never do it. I get caught up in just fencing, rather than working on things I should practice.

Due to injury and unemployment I am not fencing as much as I would like or need. It cannot be helped, so I will try not to worry about it. I have enough to worry about to keep my plate full.



shazna02 said...

Glad you went, glad you fenced but I gotta know: what is the "rose" - I usually find "arm" behind the Bell.  Or is this even more cryptic?  Bell Jar - isnt't that was butterfly's are suffocated in - what kind of fencing are you doing exactly?


fencerkath said...

A new move doesn't have to work very often - but I hope the time comes when you can use it successfully - and that your foot heels and that life gets better for you soon.