Thursday, March 1, 2007

Just Felt I Should Post

I had a good lesson with Coach Miller last night. It was a good group lesson and a good private lesson. It will be better if I can practice and fix some of the things we worked on. I did not shine last night, but I did okay and I have things to work on.

I have something wrong with my foot. It is from when I use to run and it is called..Planti...something. I can never remember the name. I tried not to fence last night and hurt it more, but I just had to a little bit. It is hard to be suited up and stand there with weapon in your hand and not fence.

I wish my situation would improve (means find employment) so that I could go back to thinking about fencing all the time. It was a mental escape and I miss it. I have to sit it to the side for now.

I correspond a lot with Beth these days. I have recruited Henri to help with some of her medical questions. She is still part of my fencing family and always will be. I am grateful to Henri (as it seems I usually am) for giving of her time to help my friend.

This week we host a RYC event. We did this last year. I must say, I did not enjoy the one last year all that much. One of the reasons is the attitude that prevails in this type of tournament. When we host other kid events, the kids and parents do not take it (generally) all that seriously. It is good experience and fun for the kids. In this type of tournament, people are driving long distances and they are SERIOUS about those kids doing much so.

The good news is that I get to hang with a good bunch of people for part of the weekend. How cool is that?!

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shazna02 said...

Having the social interaction is great - especially because I have found that of the few people who even know what fencing/epee is, fewer can understand why anyong would do it over say cycling, surfing or kickboxing.  And when you explain that the cost of the sport (to compete) tends to make sailing look cheap - they really get puzzled expressions.   So being amoung others who "get it" is fun, even if no one can agree on (insert vague point about technique or rule here).

Have fun