Thursday, March 22, 2007

Change is in the Wind

Last night I fenced at Mid-South. We had a nice (fun) lesson with Jen, as Matt and Coach Miller are away at the NCAA tournament. Jerry was back and it was good to see him. He is a part of the epee family now.

I moved some during the lessons and had one bout. It is the next morning and my foot hurts, but not God-awful. I will not fence again until the tournament on Sunday and let it rest. I will go to class on Friday, but I will not fence or do foot work.

I am going to the Ref seminar on Saturday. Anne encouraged me to do so. Sadly, I doubt I will have the time to study like I should prior to going. So, if I take the test, I am unlikely to pass. This has to be a good thing at any rate. Developing ref skills is a part of my goal in becoming a fencer. If I am to make progress there then I have to make the first steps, even though I will falter. Matt can give the test to me now anyway.

I have no expectations for the tournament on Sunday. I just hope I can make it through it.

It has been a good couple of days for me. Tuesday I had two calls from people that wanted to interview me for employment. Yesterday I had another call. One of the calls was THEM seeking ME out and is a company that wants me to do something like I was doing before, though for Kitchen Cabinets. I have an interview with them on Friday at 2:00. This is the job I want of the three. I so hope I get it. I know the career stuff is not part of fencing, but it is a part of the total package and effects my fencing in so many ways that I must include it.

Cam filled Henri and I in on some points of the meeting yesterday. It looks like the possible changes in the club/clubs are moving along well. As for me, I am good with all that was mentioned and if Coach Miller is a part of the equation, then I have no problem at all. He is what I need to make me better technically.

I have a few moments left in my morning "free time" so I best go study the rules a bit.

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fencerkath said...

Good luck! - hope it all works out.