Thursday, February 1, 2007


I another excellent group lesson with Coach Miller last night. I got in all the bouting I could stand. 
                                                                                                                                                                               Tommy was there for the first time. Tommy is the perfect guy for me to fence. He is much better than I am, but not so good that I can't beat him once in a while...or at least make him work for it.

I took a PL with Coach Miller last night, as the weather today (snow and ice) may make it to difficult/safe to travel to Chapel Hill. He told me I was doing good in a couple of areas and showing much improvement. I really needed to hear that. It gives me hope.

Henri got a bit miffed at me (not really...she just likes to yank my chain) because she had said good things about my fencing, but I only got happy when Coach Miller said something. I figure I best tell her that I appreciate her support as well. ( This could save me from having her pinch some of my skin and twist. I am still recovering from one of those brutal attacks.)

Cam had her first PL with Coach Miller last night as well. She seemed to love it and it helped her. When she is happy and excited she really lights up! I like that.

I am looking forward to everyone staying with me at my beach house this weekend and going to the Iron Maiden. I hope everyone has a good time.

The comments from Kathz and Beth sort of surprised me, concerning supporting women's fencing. I never even thought about it in that manner. I just thought it sounded like fun. Besides...women fencers smell better than men....even sweaty.



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