Sunday, February 18, 2007

Friday and Food

Friday fencing started at lunch. The gang met to have some great Asian food. Mario orchestrated the small event and it was yummy! Good food and good conversation was had by all. There were lots of little bits of information and Cam only had to give her "mean look" once. It really isn't that mean fact ... it is kind of cute. I am looking forward to tales from Woody and Cams road trip to the mountains this weekend.

Friday night I mostly fenced little kids. The last one I fenced I tried fencing slow and easy with my eyes closed. I would like to say something Zen-like happened so my journal entry would be more interesting............but .......................sadly....nothing Zen-like occurred.

Henri is putting pressure on me to come to foil on Monday. I do not think I even have a working weapon. I will give this some thought. I am racked with guilt, as it is something I should be helping the club with, but I just do not enjoy it. I think if I go, I may do some footwork and see if there are some new people I can help.

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shazna02 said...

I am glad you are still participating and enjoying fencing and the community - I will keep watching this space - please email if you want to talk.