Wednesday, February 21, 2007

For Beth

Last Friday I fenced at DFC. It was mostly kids and not challenging.

Monday I went to help at foil because we had a bunch of girl scouts coming in to learn about fencing. Everyone rallied to help and it went well for the girl scouts. The regulars kind of got the shaft that night, but it could not be helped.

Tonight I had a good group lesson with Coach Miller and an even better private lesson. He bragged on me and it really made me feel good. I needed something like that.

My job search continues. Tomorrow will be week three. I talked to an ESC lady the other day. She told me that there is not supposed to be prejudice when it come to hiring someone in there fifitys....but there certainly is. I am determined to use my gray hair to my advantage and come through this thing. I hope determination counts for making something happen!

This weekend, certain touches, I make will be for my friend Beth. Beth is not well, but I am sure that she will be in the future. In the mean time she must hang up her blades for a while. It will just be for a while...I am sure. Someday my sister-in-arms and I are going to fence each other.

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shazna02 said...

Yeah, nothing better than beating up on girl wait, I mean, how good you could rally together and teach the next generation.   Kudos on getting recognition from the coach (in a good way).  I hope the job search goes well, but I am obeying you and NOT asking how it going (will say my father was hired in his 50's from being a retired minister with total working experience as "minister" to hired as a union public transit driver - how's that for a career change?)

Woo hoo - thanks and don't forget those groin lunges, I am also a big believer in hitting people when thier backs are turned and they are desperately running away from me (which oddly happens during practice bouts almost every night I go?)

And you bet I am coming down to fence you - course, with the walker my footwork may not be as quick as it used to be.....  Course, just because I can't move around doesn't mean I still can't practice with my ping pong ball (why is it that ALWAYS sounds dirty when I say it?).