Sunday, February 25, 2007


I just returned from fencing in a low level (E and Under) tournament in Charlotte. It was both good and disappointing at the same time.

There was an open event that was high rated before this event, but I could not make it in time and given my present set of circumstances I did not feel much like fighting with the big boys.

In the event I fenced in, there were 17 competitors in the mixed event. I finished in first place in pools. I had never done that before. In truth, it was a very easy pool.( Except for the wily...yet cute Miss Nicole.)  I have whined about it when it was a tough pool, I think I should be up front when they are really easy. It was a pool of 5 and I had 6 or 7 touches scored against I remember. I will have to wait and see the results on Ask Fred to get the low down. ( Make a note here about one of the guys I fenced in pools. I beat him 5-2.)

As I was in first place, I had an empty place under my name in the DE's to start. They said it was NOT a "bye." I did not get the whole thing, but I ended up fencing my friend Jordan. I hated that. I had to fence my best and I did.

Then I had to fence the guy I beat 5-2 in pools. He beat the tar out of me. Though after thinking about it on the long ride home, I beat the tar out of me. I just went stupid and he is one of the wild fencers, with big takes that give me hard time because they do not fence well. I don't know if that makes sense, but it is true and not sour grapes.

What I wanted to happen was for me to win that little event. I wanted to win and say, " This is for my friend Beth," ( Of course it would have been for me as well.....I do not lie to myself.) That would have made a good story, but it seems the things that would make a good story do not often work out. Sorry Beth...I tried!

There were some good stories at this tournament. Henri and Mike helped Nick Hallman when he went down with God awful cramps. There efforts were appreciated. They are good ambassadors for the club and for North Carolina fencing. I was proud that they were my teammate/ father of teammate.

Hunter Yeaton (a KOS kid) fenced in both the "Open" and the "E and Under." I do not know this kid well and I am sure he does not know me at all, but he has had an influence on my fencing. A couple of years ago I saw him getting the crud beat out of him in epee....but he was having the BEST time! He handled it with humor and enthusiasm. I see him now and he is a good fencer. he was one of two kids I worried about in the "E and Under" event. He still has that youthful enthusiasm and ready smile. He tried to help Henri prepare to fence a guy. To me...he is a good kid. I hope he keeps that attitude all his life.

I think most of my teammates did well and had a good time. For me it was a mixed bag, but I am glad I went.

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