Thursday, January 11, 2007

Week 2

Last night was the second of my classes at Mid-South and Coach Miller was there.

I had never had a group lesson with him before, only private lessons. It was a good experience and he made it seem like a private lesson. That is hard to explain. I now understand why I have met people that said he was the best teaching experience they had ever had. ( These people were NOT serious fencers. They just recognized excellent teaching skills) I also enjoyed hearing Coach Miller talk about epee being the most complicated of the three weapons and why at the higher levels there are so few repeat champions.

I would also have to say that Coach Miller was lucky to have the group of students he had.
( That sounds immodest, but I think it is true.)

I came to class not in the best mental state as there are about to be a mass lay off at my company. I do not have a clue where I would work if this happened. My occupation is no longer in this country. It has been effecting me on strip.

There is s slight misunderstanding (that I need to clear up with Matt) that also made it hard to focus.

Even with the distractions and gloom it was a great class and I enjoyed it.

Tonight I head to Chapel Hill for another class.

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fencerkath said...

Good luck about work.  These things are scary - probably more so in the U.S. than here where there's still a rudimentary safety net (not very much, but better than it was for my parents and grandparents).  The only time I was made redundant I got a job straight away (left one on Friday and ended up with a better employer on the Monday) but I've also had periods of unemployment after finishing degrees, etc. - and I promised myself I'd never forget how bad it was.  But I've got through.  And I've known many people over the years go through similar experiences and watched them end up happier once the uncertainty is over and they've found something better.  May it be so with you.  (And keep stabbing people!!! - the coaching sounds great.)