Friday, January 19, 2007

Wall to Wall Kids

I fenced at DFC tonight. The place was packed! I think we may be at the limit of space Vs people.

We went over safety with the kids and enlisted the help of parents to help keep an eye on things. That went pretty good.

I fenced once. I just worked on some stuff that Coach Miller had showed us and I tried it "under fire." I was not yet successful with it.

Mostly, my job was to keep things going on a strip while people rotated from lessons to the strip. This is when I realized that I think I am becoming Sally. Maybe I already was and did not know it. My patience wore thin. I about lost it a couple of times with the kids. We have covered safety, now we need to cover etiquette.

1. You can socialize AFTER you get dressed out.
2. You do not ask a person who is refing a question.
3. You do not walk in front of a ref while a bout is taking place.
4. If you want to know when you are fencing, learn to read a pool sheet.
5. You help set up, clean up and other people who need it.

There are a lot of kids there. They all seem to be good kids, but they each take a turn at doing some fencing club faux pah. They are kids and they are kids en masse. You cannot just snap your fingers and fix this problem

The program "Dog Whisper" is on. I think I will watch and see if I get some ideas.

Tomorrow I fence in Raleigh. I am not going to try and incorporate the things I have been working on. The people there are to good for me to mess around. I will fence my old game and just try and have some fun. I could sure use some.


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fencerkath said...

Good luck with the tournament - I hope you enjoy it AND do well.