Sunday, January 21, 2007


I fenced at a tournament in Raleigh Yesterday I finished 12th out of 41 fencers in epee. There were twice as many people there than had preregister. I exceeded my goal of were I (realistically) hoped to place and I had good time. I think all of my friends and teammates had a good time. Some may not have had there best day fencing, but that happens to everyone. No matter how we did, we were in good company and had some fun.

My brother (Not really a my brother.....he is my brother in arms) Tommy got his "D" rating. He had it a couple of times, but due to sanction problems with the tournaments he never got to keep it. I am happy and proud for him!

My pal Henri did well in foil, even after taking a bad spill in pools and injuring her ankle. Even a hurt ankle did not diminish her cuteness factor!

After I finished fencing, I checked my phone and found that my Dad was taken to the hospital. They told me it was not that serious. But of course it WAS serious enough to take him to the hospital. I could not get back in time to see him last night, so I am up early to head to the hospital.


fencerkath said...

well done in Raleigh.  I hope your Dad's OK and that he makes a swift recovery.

shazna02 said...

Congrats on doing so well in the Direct eliminations and the tournament overall - Sorry to hear about your father - hope he is well.