Monday, January 22, 2007


Today I met some people for lunch. It was work related, but I ran into a dear friend of mind. She suffered from breast cancer.  I will not go into her struggle. Suffice it to say, it was hard and it is ongoing

A couple of months back, I helped set up for the Divisional Junior Olympic Qualifiers. The next day I came by to watch some of the kid’s fence epee. I noticed that a couple of the guys wore one pink sock. I did not get what was going on until a week or so later when I read about it on-line.

One of the mothers in the club had breast cancer and the kids that wore one pink sock, were supporting her. I don’t know these kids at all. I don’t even know the club that well, but I was so very, very proud of them. I think of them often and I should have made this note in my journal long ago.

I never think of it without tearing up a bit. I hope I never stop.

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