Friday, January 12, 2007

Night Three

I went to Chapel Hill and had an excellent private lesson with Coach Miller.

I often wonder (even though I think I am learning and perfecting) if it will translate into improvement on strip. Barring unforeseen circumstances, it is my intention to try and continue at UNC for a month or two and keep up the four nights a week. At that point I will look at the cost (in money and time) and try to figure out what I should do.

I wonder if I will actually improve or not. I have seen people around my age that never seem to make any changes or progress. Maybe I am in that same boat and I just do not see it.

I did no free fencing last night. Between the lessons and groups, there where not strips available and I could not easily find anyone that wanted to fence. I was not in the mood for fencing anyway and had hoped to leave early and get home at a decent time. ( Which I did.)

I like watching and listening to Mike and Ivana teach the kids class in foil. In there warm ups last night I became aquatinted with a new stretch. They instructed the kids to do an "epee stretch.' The children promptly laid down on their backs and did nothing. It still makes me smile.

That is good, as I have not felt like smiling much lately.

Tonight in class I will work on a tiny, tiny thing Coach Miller showed me that I do wrong.
My hits are better when I lift up with my index finger" and I should not be pressing down with my thumb" as the point arrives on target. Sounds simple...doesn't it?. This may be a time when fencing with kids will be a win/win sort of thing for us both.

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