Saturday, January 13, 2007

Night 4

I fenced epee at DFC last night. It is always fun and relaxed there. We had two new students and Mark came to see what fencing epee was like. I think he has the potential to be a pretty good fencer. I hope he stays with it.

There are now a goodly number of nine year olds at the club now. I think they are around nine. What ever they are, they are little kids. I think we need to enlist the parents in the room to help watch them from a safety perspective.  You just can't watch a strip...fence and ref ...and keep score ....AND watch for little kids doing something stupid. Fortunately Mike (a parent) was watching two kids and told me what was going on. I guess we need to review some rules and perhaps we did not give safety the correct place it deserves with the new people. When we do another newsletter this would make a nice topic.

Several of us went out to eat Mexican after class. We had a good time and good conversation. Cam if you read this, go do your knee stretches. Mario...Woody..if you read this and see Cam...remind her to do her stretches.

When I got home I had a note from Sally. There was part of her note that made me feel like I needed to write her back and tell her I was fencing at other clubs. I tried to explain that I just do not have a life time to get better and that fencing epee one night a week will not help me get where I want to be. ( That is assuming that I know WHERE I can be and if it is possible for me to get there. Those are unanswered questions.) I hope she does not see me as a traitor or something. . I just want to see if I can improve and I am doing all I can to do so.  I can only make the drive to UNC once a week. So I can only fence one night there. Mid South only does the weapon one night a week, as does DFC. That works out to a decent amount of time fencing epee for me. It is literally the best I can do for myself.

After I see how next week goes at work, I will give some thought to my future fencing.

Oh...One more thing. Yesterday...I have been fencing three years.

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