Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Mostly Thrust

Tonight was my first venture into Mid-South's Point and Thrust Class. It was a small class, as I expected. Also as I expected, it was also made up of the DFC people you are most likely to meet at a tournament. ( With the exception of Tommy who is probably working.) It is a start up situation. That is fine with me, as I get more attention. I am sure in time it will grow and the Sportplex will be a great place for Matt and Jen to recruit people. You cannot do an advance lunge without hitting some sort of athlete.

The Sportplex has a kicking weight room as well.  You become a member of the facility when you join Mid-South. I need to read up on the facility a little bit.

Matt has a different slant on a lot of things. I like the long retreat. It makes sense. Especially for a vet fencer in open tournament. It is a good equalizer against the young fast ones. The blade work we did is the pretty much the same. Of course we all tended to make the same mistakes we always make. It will get better. This is our first class after the holidays. You are a little "spasy" and your legs hurt really quick. Just like every long break.

Next week I think we are working on our form. This is all good for me as it is in keeping with my goals of becoming better technically (Heck...I might be a pretty fencer someday.)

I think the class is worth the money and it will only get better as time goes by. I hope that Matt and Jen are successful in this.

The more I think about it, the more I like some of the techniques we learned  that involved foot work. I like to "change it up" often and this gives me bigger list of things to pull from. I am not sure if can switch all my movements to Matt's way or not. I will certainly try to do so when I am at his class and it may be that in the long run I will do all of the things that he teaches. On class one though, I am thinking it is like any martial art. You take the techniques that your Sifu shows you and then you keep the ones that work for you. It is a lot to think about.

I will be looking forward to next week.

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shazna02 said...

Glad the class went well - it sounds like the "long retreat" is similar to what I do against most guys which is retreat, retreat, retreat, retreat all the while looking for the opening - gives me time to get my stuff together - is that essentially the same?  Oh, and on your advice, I am seeing a doctor on Monday to check blood pressure and stuff like that (you know...brain damage).