Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Strip Time?

I did not go to foil last night. I was "fenced out."

I am considering not going to foil any more, unless Woody or Mario need me to fill in. Or I am considering not going as often.

I go to foil to help if there are some new people. I go to practice my footwork. I go because I like spending time with the people there. Those are all good reasons.

With the "A" fencer there, I feel that I am not needed as much. Working on footwork is always good, but what I need is less basic.

My fencing four nights a week is not really fencing four nights a week. I could go to the Sportplex and fence some epee on Monday night and do myself more good. That is, provided there were actually people to fence when I got to the Sportplex.

Fencing epee on Friday nights has been impossible of late. The place is to crowded and to filled with kids. The last two times, I have not fenced at all. The time before that, only once.
I could not leave that class and I would not do so. I think they need me there as a helper.

The only way I see at the present to get more strip time in is to give up foil. The bad part would be that I would give up the people there that I like so much. I often think that if I could just let go of trying to be competitive and just be a recreational fencer I would be happier. It is just not in me though. Not yet.

Another option for Monday night would be to get to the Sportplex at six, fence a couple of bouts and then head over to foil. I will need to think about that.

I am sort of looking forward to the Iron Maiden this weekend. I travel to a tournament for women only.  I think maybe watching a tournament would be good for me and I could have some time to reflect on what I should do.


fencerkath said...

I think it's great that men travel to watch and support women's fencing.  It should be usual but it's not.  It's even better if men find they learn from watching women's fencing.  I hope you enjoy it.

My foil has never been good but it's really difficult now that I focus on epee.

shazna02 said...

Ditto on Kathz - thank you for going to support the women fencing.   I know I appreciate the support and conversations from the guys (mostly parents) who attend women's events - I hope you find something that will work best for you both physically and emotionally in terms of your fencing commitments.  Sorry, no words of wisdom, just wishing you the best.