Monday, January 15, 2007


I went by Mid South tonight. I had hoped that Kathy would be there have a bout or two. I planned to do some foot work and work on a couple of things Coach Miller is helping me correct.

As it turns out I left tired and sweaty. I got a pretty good work out, though I was truly terrible tonight. I am hoping it is just one of those nights.

MLK Day is a good day to go to the Sportplex. It was not so crowded.

Matt tried to help me with several things and we had a good conversation.

Jen invited me to warm up with the kids. At one point I just kept on advancing to the bleachers and did a "modified epee stretch " there for a few minutes. I am VERY efficient at warming up!

A day that I thought was going to be a write off for fencing, turned out to be a good night.

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