Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fencer Kid

Monday Foil: ( DFC ) I only went to half a class and I did not fence. I went to work on a weapon and get my foot checked out. I also wanted to see the "A" foil fencer I heard about. I watched him help coach and do footwork. I want to dabble in foil, so this is a good opportunity for me to pick up a few things.

Wednesday Epee: ( MSF) I had a great group lesson with Coach Miller. Bouted once and went home. Cam gave me a bottle of wine to try.

Thursday Epee: ( NCFDP) It was mostly a bad night, but good in some ways. I bouted with Bill and he got about 8 touches on me in a row to start. The last time we fenced I would say we were about even. ( Note when we fence we do not keep score, we just go until we feel like stopping.) I got flustered. I do not get upset on strip. I have always been happy because of the detachment I have when fencing. ( Note: I can go into a depressed funk sometimes on strip, but this is rare.) This was a bad thing. As I got a little tired, I worked my way out of it and we became more even in the bout. I think this may have a baring on why (sometimes) I do better in DE's than in pools. I have to get tired enough to calm me down or something. Learning this is a good thing. There is a nice guy from Russia who is around my age at this club. He is so good that I figured he would not want to fence me. That night we fenced. I am sure he was taking it easy on me, but I got a good number of touches in a 15 touch bout. He was really a nice guy. I hope I get to fence him more often.

In my PL with Coach Miller I was pretty bad. It was one of those lesson you leave and as you walk over to your fencing bag you let out a heavy sigh.

Friday Epee: ( DFC) Cam was gone with her husband to see his brother come in from Iraq.
I did not get to fence or do foot work. I was a helper, as the class is so crowded. Woody's talk on fencing etiquette really helped and things went much better.

I fence in Charlotte this weekend in a tournament. I will fence in two events. I do not see me doing very well in the "Open" because so many of the fencers are better than I am. Still, I hope to learn and will fight the good fight.

My pal Henri, went by to check on my Dad after his hospital stay. ( Henri is a nurse and lives near my Dad.) I am very grateful to her for doing that, as he is feeling weak and with no energy. In talking to him, she asked him if he had ever seen me fence. He said no and she invited him to come watch me sometime when the weather warms up. I have thought of this a lot sense she told me this story. I would have a fencer parent! There would be all the young parents and my Dad talking about their kids and socializing as they watched. It almost makes me bust out laughing. I have a visualization of Dad and I at a vendor table and me jumping up and down trying to get him to buy me something. My Dad will be 78 Sunday.

I added NCFDP to my profile on Ask Fred this week. I feel kind of weird that I belong to three clubs and I am not sure about how Ron's involvement in MSF is classified. At any rate, sense I have been working with Coach Miller for the last three months, I figure he deserves some of the credit (or...more likely....blame) for how I fence. He is not going to loose any sleep over it one way or the other.

Time to get on with the day. Gray Epee...over and out.





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shazna02 said...

Wow, those are a lot of clubs and fencing you do every week.  How do you do it?  This seemed like a week where things didn't gel - That happens for me (but more like in month long segments), I hope you get one of those days soon when everything comes together - and I hope you do well in Charlotte and your dad comes to see you fence.  That would be cool.