Thursday, January 18, 2007

Coach Miller and Stuff

I fenced a little last night and took a group lesson given by Ron Miller. He has many gifts that make him an awesome coach. The obvious one....knowledge....goes without saying. Or it would have ...if I hadn't said it.

One of the more amazing things (to me) is his gift that makes no matter what he is teaching you, it seems like some forgotten lore of ancient fencing masters. Something only you and he are privy to. It makes you (gladly) give 100% to listening and trying your damnedest to do every little thing he tells you.  It is not just me that seems to feel this way. I look around at the small group of students that were there last night and I sense it from all of them. They say that gratitude is the least felt human emotion. I doubt that is the case with anyone fortunate enough to study with him.

I also think that he has x-ray vision. How can someone see what tiny little muscles are doing when they are covered with your "whites?" How can someone see through an epee bell guard and know that one of your fingers is a quater inch out of place?

I do not see the things I am working on translating into improvement on the strip any time soon. Patience Jim. First make yourself better technically and then work on tactics.

I am not driving to Chapel Hill tonight for another lesson, due to the weather....mainly. I feel like I am cheating myself and that I should have risked the drive. The roads are not THAT bad....but they might be later. My feet and ankles have been hurting for some reason. I need to let them heal as I am fencing in a tournament this weekend.

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shazna02 said...

Sounds like a very good coach - I hope you do well this weekend - cheers and onward!