Friday, December 8, 2006

The Way of the Warrior

I fenced at UNC Thursday. There were very few people there and it is over next Thursday until January 9th. I had a very good private lesson with Coach Josh. I hope I can retain some of these things, but I will need them repeated over and over.

Henri had a good private lesson as well. I envy her. I wish that I could suck up some of this knowledge that she is getting in foil. I am knowledge greedy. We often talk about taking notes for each other, while we watch each others PL. We often talk about practicing with each other and reviewing the lessons. She would learn a bit of what I learned in epee and I would learn bit of what she learned in foil. So far, we have never found the time. Perhaps someday. I have some concerns anyway that at this stage we may have something wrong and just practice it wrong. Thus reinforcing it.

I fenced epee Friday night at the club. We tried to run two strips. The kids strip and "big" people who are competing one place or another this weekend. We took turns from our pool coaching and helping on the kids strip. The kid strip was much more tiring than fencing.

I got to fence "big" people. I worked on only a couple of things. I was relaxed and I did not have to hold back. It was a good night for me.

Tomorrow I leave to drive to Richmond for the NAC. Tomorrow is shopping, getting my mask and body cords checked. I have no expectations. I am just going to try and see what I can learn and try to have a good time.

I kind of have a Bushido philosophy going in. I am already dead. Hey...It worked for the Samurai!

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fencerkath said...

I'm probably a bit late in posting this, but there's just a chance you'll read this before leaving, given the time difference.  GOOD LUCK! and, above all, have a great time.