Friday, December 15, 2006


 I went to UNC and fenced last night. There were not a lot of people there and it was the last class until after the holidays.

Jen Cox was there. She lead a group warm up and stretch. She made a "good" comment about my foot work. That made me feel good. But what I got of value was her instruction to use my rear leg to "pull" me back when I recover from a lunge.

I also had a great (and unexpected) private lesson from Coach Miller. It was on my lunge and the tempo of my lunge. It sounds like a simple thing, but requires a lot of concentration on my part to fix the things I am doing wrong and to follow my point, rather than punch. For the next couple of months my en guard will have the point 4 inches higher. I have to work on not moving my head, by keeping my eyes on the target and for my front foot to land around the same time as my point. ( Hard to explain in writing.)

As boring and simple as these couple of things sound, it is really exciting to me. It is part of my plan to make myself better technically. I am really happy about it.

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fencerkath said...

It sounds good.  I was told by one of our trainee coaches that it's my footwork that needs attention, so I hope he'll practise for his coaching exam by showing me how to get it right.  He's a really nice guy - not that keen on competition but really enthusiastic about coaching.