Saturday, December 23, 2006

Time Off

Last night was the last night of fencing until after the Holidays. Only a couple of people showed up, so we all said the heck with it and went out and had some pizza. ( My last visit to a pizza place for a while.)

I can go a week and half without fencing. I think I might even need that. I need to practice some on my own anyway.

I am off work until after New Year's Day, so I hope to spend a lot of time in the gym.

The only thing that seems to bother me this time of year is that there is not much to read on-line about fencing. My six or seven web sites, blogs and boards that I visit each day or two do not have much going on.

I (like so many other people) have made a New Years resolution to drop some weight. I am starting today though. For some reason I feel like I will succeed.

It is very early Saturday morning. I need more life giving coffee.

In January I will fence at three different clubs. DFC; NCFDP and Mid-South Fencers. I am not sure if I can fence four nights a week or not. I will try it for a while.

Mid-South has a " Point and Thrust " weapon class starting January 3rd. ( They are a great sabre club, but this is their frist journey into being a 3 weapon club.) Coach Miller and staff are supose to teach this most of the time. You can't ask for better instruction than that. My only concern is where will the foil and epee fencers come from.  I know that some will be like me and have duel or multi memberships. The only people I can think of to fill this class in Greensboro are the same people I have fenced for a long time or newbies. I could use a couple of new people to fence that are a good bit better than me. Maybe some will be there. Maybe some of the sabre fencers are looking to expand.

I guess the only thing to do is to see how this plays out. I will figure out in time how to work out the time; money and drive time as we go through January.

Merry Christmas folks!


fencerkath said...

Happy Christmas!

shazna02 said...

Happy holidays - have no fear, I fenced last night, I fence again, and again - though not 4 nights a week - how do your joints and muscles take it - since mine don't?

have a nice time off!