Monday, December 18, 2006


I fenced epee Friday night at the club. It was a very small class due to the holidays. It should be the same next Friday. Then we are off until next year.

I have sort of been wanting some fencing "down time," but that now that it is here I am not all that happy about it. There is a winter fencing camp near by, but it is a lot of time and money. They have seven spots still open. I will need to come to some conclusion about this.

I fenced foil tonight. I was awful, but it did not bother me very much. I wonder if I am bad at foil because I don't care for it, or I don't care for I am bad at it.

I have thought about joining the United States Coaching Association and taking some classes they offer. There is one coming up in Columbia and one in Raleigh. I am not sure how I would feel about doing this.

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fencerkath said...

if I don't get a chance to post later, Happy Christmas - and enjoy your last fencing session of the year, even if it is foil.