Saturday, December 2, 2006

Saturady Morning

It is Saturday morning. No one is stirring yet and I am attempting to become fully caffeinated so that I can start my chores. Caffeine is my very good friend!

Monday: I fenced foil. Not much to say about it. My foils are all sick and not working. I hope to make them well or replace parts on them by the first of the year. I think my best one just has something wrong with the tip. I will shop at the NAC for some parts I need.

Thursday: I fenced epee at UNC at the NCFDP. I paid for a private lesson when I came in (as always) but Coach Miller did not show until late and the UNC team is heading north to some sort of big tournament. The PL is the main reason I go to UNC, but it was okay because I got to leave a little earlier. It was a not after 11:00 when I got home and I was not as sleepy the next day. I felt weird during fencing. I checked my blood pressure the next morning and it was great.  When I fenced epee on Friday it seemed to make me feel right as rain.  The epee giveth and the epee taketh away.

Friday: I fenced epee. After footwork, we skipped group lessons and went right to fencing, We had two strips going and did pools. I was given a strip with kids and Henri. The other strip had the cluster of adults. I don't ever mind fencing with the kids, but I needed to fence some big people, so. that I did not have to hold back. I have noticed a trend like this when we fence epee and I am starting to get a complex. The big people are avoiding me when we fence!

The new park is open across the street in downtown Greensboro. When the weather is nice and the "new " has worn off the nice park with beautiful fountains, there is a nice place to fence there. That might be fun. It would be at the very least....interesting.

Sally had returned for a week and she took us all out to dinner for Christmas. I had a nice time and we had some good conversation. We bought her a digital picture frame for Christmas. I had never seen one before. Pretty nifty! I also found that Cam and I have the same taste in wine...or lack there of.

My first North American Cupis next weekend in Richmond, VA. I have no idea what to expect. Looking at the 53 fencers that I will be competing with, some of them spent a bunch of money to travel to get there. I assume that the vast majority of these guys are gods. I have no way to set a goal, as I  do not have enough knowledge to do so. I guess my goal is not to be last place.

There is another club in town (a very good sabre club) that is going to start offering a "Point and Thrust Weapons Class" I assume this means a foil and (most importantly) epee class. Initially, I do not know where these point weapon people will come from, but there will be a class. This means that I have the OPPORTUNITY to fence every day of the week but Tuesday. It is a fairly expense class for once a month. I am not sure that I can in good conscience allow myself to fence four times a week. Perhaps I could try it for a month. In January, I will try to figure out a plan for the best use of my time in regard to fencing. I will figure this out during the holidays.

I also need to get myself back on track at the gym.  After some of my house cleaning chores are done, I am heading there today. My plan is to make this the last day I do lower body until after the NAC. First of the week is the last time I will do chest or arms. I will do a light lower back later in the week. I need my legs and arms not to be tight for next weekend. A bit of light cardio today and then taper off on that by mid week for the same reasons.

Gray Epee....over and out!


fencerkath said...

There's a lot to be said for fencing juniors.  Two of the kids I've fenced have lots of promise for the future - one (a boy) is now first reserve for the British fencing team for his age group and the other (a girl) has just got bronze in an international tournament and has risen to a world junior ranking in the 40s.  If they do as well as they wish, one day they'll make the Olympics and I'll be watching on TV, remembering that once upon a time I fenced them.

mgicmoose said...

They can't all be gods.  For instance, I'm planning on being there  :-)