Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mr. Pointy Chained

I am at a weird place. I am enjoying my break from fencing and at the same time I long for it to end. ( A prime example of "What you have got....You want it not." )

I am working out very hard during my week off. I must condition myself to be a gym rat again. When fencing starts, ( Mr. Pointy unleashed! ) I will only have work days at lunch to do the gym and non-tournament weekends.  I must get in that habit again.

I have been eating correctly for the last couple of days. It will take a while to see if this paying off. I hate my bathroom scale. It is a lying bastard and does not know it's peril!

The online fencing stuff is not very interesting of late. I do wish Beth would move to a place with affordable fencing. I hated to read that post. If I ever win Powerf Ball, I will sponsor you Tiger. ( Of course, I guess that means at some point I will need to buy a ticket.) I use to read Fencing Net everyday, but there is not much going on there, so I rarely read it. The DFC; NCF and Facebook (Forum parts....NCF is a good site!) boards are without much content. My own journal is not hitting on much either.

Then there is AskFred. Now why in the heck do people not preregister? What the heck is so hard about this? You either think you are coming or you don't.

I am in the process of putting some "practice fencing " music on my brand new shiny MP3 player. Yep....Jim takes a big lunge into this century. Naturally I either have loaned out or cannot find my three fave CDs for this. I believe this is around the sixth time I have changed technology for my music. It is something only Vet 50 people understand completely. Let me just tell the world......we are getting a little tired of it. Not that this does not beat the heck out a vinyl record.

It is early Thursday morning and I am about to stop and head to the gym. They have a great aerobic room with mirrors. I practice my lunge and footwork in there if no one is around. I wish fencing was a little more mainstream sometimes. I would love to take my epee in there and practice, but things that look like weapons tend to flip people out. Rightfully so, I guess.

Enough random and not fully caffeinated thoughts for now.


shazna02 said...

That's odd, my scale is a big fat liar too - maybe they know each other - more details on how you are working hard please as with the 4 hours of usuable daylight up here and everyone off for this and that, I find that moving the mouse hand at the computer doesn't really count as "exercise" - Go Power Ball!  - Good news, in four days I should have in my hands my new copy of Epee Fencing: a New System - and since random things happen in my life a lot - I just stated a "this is where things are" - not what WILL happen - if my books sold well over Xmas, I might have a fat royalty coming my way (woo hoo!) - or get short listed for that government job researching random topics - someone also suggested I apply for the Canadian Secret Service (so secret I never knew we had one) - as the job is pretty much pure data analysis collection (what others might call multitask internet surfing).  

I am in complete envy of your mp3 player as Monica uses one to do her tedious footwork practice (I just use little grunting sounds for each time I lunge) - and I though that putting on "Hey Mr. DJ, why don't you turn the music up" would really make footwork fly by.  

Hey, you want a epee non-sequitor - I am currently watching a documentary and the fight films on the 1908 boxer fighter Jack Johnson to pick up epee tips (he used an epee stance and unlike other boxers, retreated directly backward instead of weaving) - I'll let you know if I find anything useful (left hand jabs are still illegal in fencing right?)



fencerkath said...

I never owned any scales apart from tiny kitches scales which my aughter uses - I don't see the point.

My kids gave me an MP3 player for my birthday (just before Christmas) and it's wonderful, though the music I have on it at the moment (Bach, Les Six, Charles Trenet and Bob Dylan) isn't exactly conducive to fencing.  It's wonderful.

I'm not working out at all apart from failing miserably at attempts at housework.  Hmm .. glass of cider?  chocolate biscuit?  why not?

(well, of course I shouldn't, but ...)