Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Main Reason

Monday I fenced foil. Actually, I just went to foil class and did some footwork, then I practiced epee. Woody is against mixing weapons, so it was kind of him to let me do this. This is the second foil class were I came but did not really participate in the class. ( Other than footwork.)

I have thought about this a lot. It is no secret that I do not care much for foil. But I enjoy the people in that class and the pleasure of their company. That is not a bad MAIN reason for fencing foil. In fact, it is not a bad MAIN reason for fencing.

I want to dabble in foil. Try to learn a little here and there. Try to help a little here and there.

This may sound silly, but I think part of my problem with foil lately is my weapons are not working. I plan to get the things to fix or repair one or two of them at the NAC. That should help my attitude about fencing. I just have to have my own equipment and know that it is working. Weird...but true.

I have had second thoughts about going to this NAC. I started looking at the ratings of these guys. Most are A and B fencers that I looked at. I am no match for these guys and I am going to get creamed. I talked to my coaches/friends about this and they all suggested that I fence the NAC. There is a nice local epee tournament near by this weekend, but I am going to fence in the North American Cup. It is the whole standard "learning experience " dialog again. Anytime someone tells you it will be a learning experience in fencing. it means you are either going to get the crud beat out of you or sweat like a pig and have sore muscles. Sometimes it means both...with epee bruises.

I have a friend that I met over the Fencing Net Forum. He was going to come, but sadly his father has had some bad health problems. Dale and I started about the same age. It is not really unusual to find someone our age that just started fencing, but it is rare to find someone our age that started fencing and stayed with it. It comforts me to know that there is another guy like myself out there. Sometimes when you are a late bloomer, you feel sort of alone. I am sure we will get to meet someday.

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