Sunday, December 31, 2006

Food and Working Out

I have been working out very hard this week and I am proud of myself for sticking to it.

On, average I have spent about an hour to forty-five minutes on weights and machines and about a half hour on cardio each day. I have a hard time making myself do more cardio as it just bores the living hell out of me. For me to do cardio, I need to be outside. I need to be on a trail. I need to be in the woods. Or, I need to be running behind a girl with beautiful runner's legs and a nice tushie. (I use to run and I know that these things work for me.)

The last couple of days I have based my anaerobic work out on waking up in the morning.

I lie there and figure out what does not hurt, or what does not hurt much, and then base my work out on that. My chest never seems to hurt that much , no matter what I do to it. My legs and abs can not say the same things. As I stager and creak to the bathroom in the morning , things seem to aline themselves and then I am fine. There is pain, but mostly it is the kind of pain I like. It makes me feel healthy.

Now the trick is for me to move this to lunch during the work week. I can only get in around 45 minutes then. Hopefully I can get a good long workout or two on the weekend. I am shooting for  being in the gym at least three times a week. I have not figured out a routine that will give me time for cardio. I am going to have to wing that. I am done with cardio and anything pertaining to lower body until after I fence on Wednesday.

The diet part has gone okay during the day , but after about 6:00 at night I have some trouble. Last night I ate enough to feed two or three people. I was ravinous. It was mostly healthy stuff and I tried to fill up on asparagus (which I love) but to little avail. I have read in fitness magazines where working out hard actually can reduced your appetite. I suspect that they are lying little weasels that write those articles, because working out makes me really...really hungry. Almost like hiking and camping out hungry, which is my very worst hungry! Not that I am not ravinous for no apparent reason. I get that way about every other day. Just typing this made me hungry.

I must find a way to deal with this.


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fencerkath said...

I find your commitment to fitness terrifying.  I might amble round to the corner shop in half an hour or so.  I'll suffer at fencing tomorrow for this sedentary Christmas but we've had frezing fog, pouring rain and very strong winds so I haven't managed the walks I would have liked - and I've never been to a gym or worked out with weights.  Even the nearest swimming pool is a bit hard to reach.  And I don't think there's much exercise in marking student work!