Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Monday night, I had a sweet thing happen. A high school senior with sparkling blue eyes brought me (and the rest of the coaches) a bunch of yummy cookies and some homemade cranberry bread. She brought me a Christmas card and a thank you note.

She was my mentee. I was her mentor for her senior project, which was to study fencing.
I got a couple of hugs as well. I will never pretend that I don't like hugs from pretty girls of any age.

I understand now why people coach. Everyone touches the future. Parents and teachers touch it daily. You never know where introducing a young (or OLD) person to fencing may lead. How many people will they influence in a positive manner toward the sport?

I doubt (in fact I know) that no one would have pointed to me at the "Introduction to Foil " CALL class at UNCG and said," See that guy with the silver temples. He is going to stay with it a good while. He might even influence and help a few people."

It boggles the mind.

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