Sunday, November 19, 2006

Who Knew?!

I went to JOs and watched for a while. I watched people. I watched art objects. I watched vendors. I interacted with some.

Mostly I watched young men fence epee. I doubt I could have taken more than a couple of them and one only because of my height. I watched these good young fencers and I had the following thoughts:

There is some real talent here.

I will never be able to fence the way these kids do. That is not whining. I know it and I will have to deal with it the best I can.

Even from the side lines, much of the time I cannot figure out why their attacks work. ( I am talking beyond youth and speed.)

I will be fencing some of these young guys in Divisionals and if I can't figure it out from the side lines, this is not going to be a lot of fun for me!

I did figure out a very nice broken tempo attack. I hope to experiment with it.

I need to attack more. When you attack you are in greater control of the situation. ( You decide when the action starts. This is control. Not as much as making them stand still while you poke them, but control nonetheless.)

People actually parry in epee! Who knew? Guess I need to add that to the mix a bit more.


Okay. That is enough. The main thing I figured out is that I take fencing WAY to seriously. Yes...I know that sounds like heresy. Do not worry. This is a mood swing most likely and I will be back to obsessing very soon. I am all but sure of it.

My NAC is coming up in about three weeks. I have mixed emotions about it.

I bought an epee pistol grip. It is ugly and unpainted. I don't like to look at it yet. This may be another experiment. Did I mention how ugly and "unsword" like it is? Geeze! I am going to make myself put it on my daughter's discarded weapon. Maybe I will just look at it. Leon Paul has this grip that is between a pistol and a French. I thought I might get one of those first and maybe ease into this thing gently. I don't want to think about this right now.

Gray Epee...over and out!

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shazna02 said...

Well someone suggested I try a french grip (I have one french grip epee) this weekend; but the grip I have now reflects my skills or lack thereof - I have pistol in order to make my arm steady and my fingers do the work - maybe once I have perfected that I will try french.  

As for attacks, I have noticed that mid and lower level women fencers do not know how to handle extremely strong attacks - yet, I perfer not to do them, because....I don't feel in as much control.  Since everyone usually loves to attack, I often feel much more in control defending.  Different styles for different folks I think.