Friday, November 10, 2006


I went to UNC and fenced. Anne wants me to do this and the girls were coming over, so she was not alone. I was fairly guilt free.

Many people were at the NAC in New Mexico, so it was not very crowded. I fenced three times and all were DFC people.

My private lesson was awful. My cant was wrong. He referred to pommeling as cheating. He bent the cant more and then I could not hit anything. My lunge was bad. I could not make myself do some of the things he asked, as there were things that are ingrained in me from fencing and I will have to work very hard to try and change them. In a short lesson, I now question my use of the French grip. I DID learn why I now beat with the bottom of the blade in epee. I did not guess the reason for it. All in all it was fairly depressing private lesson. I guess this is what I need though.

I found out my friend Kathy works with disabled people and (whatever the word is) for helping them continue working and modifying their lifestyles. That may come in very handy.

I stayed very late to get a PL and now I will be very tired today. On the bright side I get to fence tonight. In that regard things are working out well.

All the tournaments for the foreseeable future are over a four hour drive away, so I will not feel bad about giving them up. Anne and I talked about me going to the NAC in Richmond and she is still for me going to it.  Things are working out better for me at the moment than I had hoped. And even though my fencing experience at UNC was not a good WAS a fencing experience. I am still in the game.


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shazna02 said...

Sorry your Private lesson went poorly, hope thing improve on that.  As to pommelling, has the coach sent a letter to Sherriane MacKay who won this year's world cup circuit and is the first north american female to be ranked number one in the world - she also pommells (if you mean holds the back end of the french grip for extra length).  It is frustrating though when the mind says "do this" and the body says "no way" - my coach has been trying for 7 weeks to get me to hit his hand in 6 - not yet.