Saturday, November 11, 2006

I am so sorry...I am rambling!!

I fenced epee last night. The class was made up largely of young boys. So, unless I want to go "Krammer in karate class" I have to find ways to practice with them and also let them get in some practice.

I am going to try and clean this post up a bit, as it is sooooooo screwy! If youhave not read it before, count yourself lucky!

I have several ways that I do this. I will pick their small feet as target and do a toe shot. Then the next time, I will extend my arm towards the toe and let them (hopefully) take a shot at my exposed arm. I try not to let them hit me and I retreat, so that they have to finish the attack and (redouble) keep coming.  I do not do it with the kids, but this is practice for when I do this and offer the arm as invitation. I then circle six and attack. They get some practice...I get some practice. You often find yourself helping small kids and that is great. I think it is wiser to find a way to help your self as you help them.

Cam helped me work on my lunge. I need to do that. I can't hit squat sense I changed the cant on my blade, but it will get better in time.

I made an art object (of sorts) this week to donate to the JO silent art auction. I must remember to contact them. If they like it, perhaps I could make another one (or something similar) prior to the auction.

And now.....a thought for veterans....that is completely unrelated to anything else in this entry.

No matter how good a coach he/she matter how great their skill.....question the lesson. Not to their face.....not in anyway that will upset your coach. What I mean is......almost without exception a coach learns to train young fencers. They are trained to train young fencers and make them champions....or trained to teach young fencers as much as they can by coaches that were taught to do the same!. The key here is that the whole premise of most coaches is to take a young fencer and build him into something. I have yet to see one (no matter how great) that said, " Oh This person started after fifty.......and does not have teenage legs and weight. How can I teach him/her to compensate and still compete well?" I don't think they have those conversations with themselves. They teach you the same way they teach a 14 year old.

Now some coaches are so young that they cannot fathom the difference. Others perhaps so old that they go through the same motions that have been successful for them a thousand times in the past. After all, it is no skin off their noses if you don't do well. All they can do is try and pass information to you and if you don't pick it up...well...that is your fault.  And of course, they would be right to say so.

I am heading to the last CALL class. I helped these kids in the begining and then not much after that. I want to see how they progressed. Also....Cam, may need a bit of help.


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