Saturday, November 11, 2006

Full Circle

I went to the last CALL class. It is a continuing education class at a local collage. It is also where I started fencing.

There is an adult class and a kid's class. I coached the first two classes and helped with another. Then the furniture market and a tournament took me out of it.

This was the last class of an eight week class.

I was proud of the kids. Adults as well , but the kids especially. It is awesome to see what they learned and how they progressed. was not pretty and some of them lack the strength to hold even a youth weapon for a long time, but they did so many things right. The kids fenced a little tournamnet at the end. It shocked me to see how moved and grateful the parents were.

( In the words of Major Pain, " It makes me feel all...funny." )

I was proud of them and of our coaches ( and their helpers ) for the work they did.

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