Sunday, October 15, 2006

They Broke Me!

After two weeks of working (literally) night and day, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The only fencing I did was Friday night epee. For some reason, I thought I could do that while I was exhausted. I was wrong. I was bad. I got tired real easy and I had no concentration. On the bright side, I fenced.

Saturday, a miracle happened and I did not have to work past noon. I made it to the club to help with the UNCG CALL class. I liked working with the little kids. Sadly, I was helping demonstrate a move and landed wrong. I did something to the back of my leg, BELOW the knee. I never hurt anything there before. least it was a different place! I think it may have been due to how tight the muscles in my legs were. In the previous 3 days, I think I may have walked about 50 miles (no exaggeration) from showroom to showroom. The last time I did a 55 mile hike through the wilderness, I was 14 and it took about 5 days. I like to walk and I do not tire, though my ankles and feet will begin to smart a bit. Maybe I did not screw anything up badly. I had hoped to go fence at a UNC tournament today. ( Sunday).
I tested my leg and it is not good enough, though it does not seem to hurt anywhere near as bad as yesterday. Plus, there is the whole "I am tired beyond the telling of it" thing.

I get a bit antsy at times like these. I become uncertain if I have hit an "old spurt" or I am just out of shape and tired. The only way to find out is to rest and work out a little bit. Then, fence again. I feel pretty confident that I can still hang and it is just the work that has me down. I will find out later in the week.

I may not get to fence again until next Friday. That bites!

PS The verdict is still out on these Leon Paul shoes. They do not bend enough to suit me. If I get to fence in a tournament, I am using my old worn out PBT shoes. It is my hope that these cool "looking" shoes will break in. I have heard about good fencers who have several different pairs of shoes for different needs and floor surfaces. If I ever get to that point, someone please shoot me!

Note to Beth:  Nah..It was not peer pressure that made me buy these shoes, it was just that I liked the way they looked. It is kind of like ...You would think that as a man aged , he would gain enough wisdom and experience not to be influenced by an attractive woman's looks. You would think that.  If I ever hit that age... I will let you know.

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fencerkath said...

I hope you make a rapid recovery and get back to more fencing!  Sounds like work was really shattering - you ought to get an award for walking that far.