Saturday, October 21, 2006


 Hell at work is about over. One more small little voyage into hell today and it should be over. ( Saturday) It will be, of course, just in time to screw up doing the CALL class.

I fenced epee last night. It felt good. I was not tired at all.

In epee I am trying to find a new way of taking the blade that engages my opponent in 4 or their high inside line. I had no luck with this, as I did not have the right kind of people to practice on in my pools. I also have been thinking about trying a take from an engagement of eight. I have beat attack that I use (or use to use) that starts that way. Sadly, someone has to have their weapon extended a bit. I also want to work on an attack that Alex showed us, were you close to in-fighting, but I cannot remember how the take starts. I will try to question some people about this and writing it here will be a reminder to me.

I have some things I want to work on with a left handed fencer. Trev where the heck are you! I fenced a "C" fencer last season (lefty) , who had basically two attacks. I need to work on defense against those. I am sure we will meet again.

While I am on the reminder thing..............

I fenced a guy this season that hit me under the wrist. He is younger and faster than me. Well.. heck!...I guess the younger thing was pretty much a given! I sometimes (and for a variety of reasons) will extend my blade straight and make small advances toward my opponent. It is like a point in line with epee. It tends to freak some people out. For others, just another position for them to get a touche on me. In this case I was doing well countering this guy and this is one of the ways that I force people to attack. When I do this, one of two things generally happens. They try to take the blade or they go for the hit under my wrist, if they are not to tall. In the case with this guy, I got the response I was looking for, but I had a brain fart or he was just to fast for me. He hit me under the wrist with one of those long low lunges and his point came up to almost be in line with the ceiling. It stands to reason, if I fence him again and repeat this action, he will repeat his. Generally, when I bait someone for this action, I just drop the tip and get the point. The way his blade comes in and as fast as he is, I am not sure that will work. I got Tommy to help try to simulate this once as he moves in a similar fashion on this attack. though in general, his point would not be so upright. Dropping the tip did not help and dropping my bell guard only ended up in a double. I need to think on this some more.

I often "duck" by dropping my rear knee when I counter. I have been thinking that I should work on a move where I move to the left; duck and counter.

These are things that I have been thinking about and I want to remember.

Tomorrow is the ref clinic. I am not looking forward to it, but I feel it is something I have to going to the dentist. Maybe it will be more enjoyable than I think. Maybe not.

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fencerkath said...

sounds like epee is working its magic ...