Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ref Clinic

I went to a ref clinic this Sunday. I found that I was actually worse as a foil ref than I had previously thought, and I thought I was pretty bad.

It was a good clinic, as it was designed to cover a broad range of experience or lack there of.

Needless to say, there are questions I had wished I had asked before I left. Okay...now what? I want to get better, what do I do? If I wanted to study to become certified how do I go about it. I think Alex was the guy in our state that did that and his ability to do this lapsed. That man does so much for fencing, he cannot be faulted for not doing everything.

Is it easier to be certified as an epee ref than a foil ref? I would think so!! My thought there was to start with something easier and work my way up.

I really do not care at all about being certified. I just want to do a better job in the club.

I am a reasonably bright guy. If you believe in the validity of IQ test (I don't. I think they are biased in at least a couple of ways.) I have an IQ of 152/158. I was tested a third time but I never knew the results. Once was in second grade and the latter was in college. So...lets say that I am of average intelligence. YET....I cannot seem to follow the action of two people with foils in their hands! It frustrates me to no end! I also do not seem to have the ability to focus constantly on the action. My mind will wander at the most inopportune time.

I talked to my friend Dave about this who is a softball umpire. He tells me there are tricks to help with staying focused.

There is a foil ref clinic in Richmond coming up. It is a 3 and half hour drive and I am unsure if it they would frown on someone from another Division horning in.

I have not even started on my goals for adding some armory skills. I thought I would just buy one of the DVDs out and see what I can get out of that. I will put that on my do list. That is step ONE.

I am so torn. Part of me wants to learn these things so I become what I think a fencer should be and the other part says, " Screw it! I just want to fence epee and have some fun."

Neither one of these little voices I hear is wrong. You would not think that this would be a problem, but sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because I am thinking about it or related fencing issues. I need to come to some sort of conclusion.



ktbfencing said...

If you really want to get better, it's worth the drive to Richmond. I doubt they will frown upon someone "horning in" who wants to learn.

What's the best way to get better? PRACTICE!!!!!! Ref as often as you can, and during boutwork in practice is a great time. Your club mates will talk to you about what you're doing well and not so well.

As for epee being easy.....it may be easy to ref, but it's by far the hardest section of the test. Trust me.

kentjamesr said...

Thanks Karen.  I will give Richmond and your words some thought.

shazna02 said...

Yes, go for being an epee ref - I think it's like a 3 hour seminar, the first 5 minutes the instructor says: "Just stare at the lights"  the next 2 hours you drink beer and tell stories.

As for foil reffing (is that a word), this is about the only thing that keeps my attention which is to make a little running commentary in my head about what is about to happen in the next two seconds: "He's lunging, she's going to do a semi-circle parry to 6 and repose to his shoulder" - that way, I pay attention to what doesn't happen, and notice the changes as they occur instead of playing catch-up which tends to make my mind wander.   I don't know if that will be any help for you, but maybe it is worth a try?

The fencing for fun sounds good too - I miss that.