Friday, October 27, 2006


 Thursday night I went to my first NCFDP fencing class at UNC. It is not the warm friendly kind of place that I am use to, but I knew many people there for one reason or another. ( Even if I had only seen them fence at tournaments)

I did not get a chance to fence much. ( Understatement) But I got to watch several folks fence epee. I think I only saw one guy fencing that I MIGHT be able to take. That is good. That is why I came. I need to fence some higher level people and there they are. I have a couple of things I picked up from watching. ( Provided I can remember them.)

The other reason is I wanted a PL with Ron Miller. That was worth the drive and the money. It was truly an amazing experience. I need to change my en guard and the way I extend for a touch. This is going to take more than one lesson.

He could see small muscles being used and make corrections through a thick fencing jacket. That in its self is fairly awesome. He told me that we suffer from the same problem. Big shoulders and arms. I rely on strength to much.

One of the things that stunned me, was that he remembered seeing me fence. I was at NCFDP tournament a month or so ago and he remembered seeing ME fence.  He told me that I am strong and fast, but I am stiff. ( I thought I had made great progress in becoming more fluid, but I guess not.) He also told me that I needed to become more technically proficient (or words to that effect) and fence that way at first. Later in the bout, break out the speed and power.

The PL alone has persuaded me to stick with going to NCFDP for two months. I will reevaluate where I am going after that.

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shazna02 said...

Cool!  I want a PL!  What I don't understand is why you didn't get much fencing time?  Would they not fence with you?  If so, I have very poor opinion of them -