Tuesday, October 3, 2006


Editors Note: I think I am reaching the point were I see the world of the average North Carolina fencer from beginner to “C” fencer. I can not see into the world of “A” and “B” fencers. It is too far above me and most likely will always be so. So the things I write about will address the lower half of the spectrum.

Thanks to the little tournament I fenced last weekend and to keeping this crude journal, I figured out what my problem/problems are in foil. I thought it was because I fenced epee. That is not the problem. The problem is the way I fence epee. I think that in the three weapons you will find the most varied styles of fencing in epee. Perhaps I am wrong, but at the time of this writing this is what I believe. Lack of ROW makes it this way.

When I fence epee (at this point in time) I do the following:


  1. I frequently attack/counter while retreating or doing a reverse lunge.
  2. I prefer to counter and I have some skill at it.
  3. I almost never parry. When I do, it is often with the bell guard. I do not parry, I counter. I almost always take a step back when I counter.

All of these things loose ROW, or at the very least, do NOT gain ROW.

I think my biggest weakness in epee is my attack. I rarely do it, unless the opportunity presents it’s self. This does not happen often with a decent “C” fencer. (Remember, this is as far into higher ground of fencing that I can see.) By attack, I mean an attack without taking the blade. I tend to do this to try and compensate for my age against the younger faster fencer. Cam brought this to my attention last week and I think she is correct. I think I chicken out, because I fear other people’s counters. However, if I work on fixing my foil problems I may just be able to help my epee attacks.

I could be wrong about the whole thing, but at the moment I am happy and excited that I may have figured something out.


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shazna02 said...

Let's agree to swap problems - as I have patience issues and spent 80% of the time or more on the attack.  I would love to do a reverse lunge, but I never can get anyone to attack me, or maybe when I they do, I shouldn't run at them screaming "Die, die, die!" - is there a more tactical way of fencing?