Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Should NOT Have Bothered to Post

Even though my work is messing up my fencing, I managed to make it to a foil class and do a little footwork. I hope that I can make it to epee Friday night. It is my hope that I can get back into the fencing grove next week.

Hey...I know it isn't much of a post, but it hasn't been much in the way of fencing for me.
I did get to try my new LP fencing shoes. They look great, but they feel like they are made of plastic. My old PBT shoes bend more. It is my hope that the new shoes will break in. Several people in my club have them and really like them. Mario said that they do get better with time. ( Or words to that effect.) If I do not have to work all weekend, I will wear them around the house and see if that helps.

Is this not the most exciting and interesting fencing post EVER!


fencerkath said...

OK, not the most exciting post - but it's good to know that you're managing a little fencing.  And shoes always take a while to wear in.

shazna02 said...

Ohh, sounds like a bit of fencing shoe peer pressure going on.  Which kind do you have, the ones with the high top on the back foot?