Thursday, October 5, 2006

I Have New Leon Paul Fencing Shoes and I Can't Test Them Out DAMN!

No fencing for me this week. I am having to work (literally) night and day to prepare for the High Point Furniture Market. This happens twice a year and the amount of work that must happen is insane.
My club is hosting a tournament for women and children only called....are you ready....." The Titanic Open." If you don't get it right away...think about it and it will come to you.
I will be there to set up Friday night. I must work Saturday and I do not know for how long. I hope I can see and help with some of the event. I feel guilty for not helping much this week, but I can not have a life other than work this time of year.
I am kind of hoping that we may give the strips a test after we finish setting up. I need to fence epee. I have been carrying around a stick at work ( dowel rod ) and trying to remember an infighting move that Alex showed me. I NEED EPEE!!!!!

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fencerkath said...

I don't know what the furniture market is but i assume that, like most events, it might be improved by the inclusion of fencing.  And isn't it "take your sword to work week"?  It isn't?  There isn't one?  Well, there's an opportunity to start something.